List of steps
(Total number of steps: 29)
Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI) Membership Certificate  (5)
Export Registration Certificate  (3)
BFLLFEA Membership Certificate (Sector Association)  (6)
BFLLFEA Export Certificate  (2)
Approval for Removal of Goods for Export  (3)
Agreement with Clearing and Forwarding Agent  (1)
Custom Clearance  (2)
Depot Charge Payment  (1)
Agreement with Freight Forwarder  (2)
Certificate of Origin  (4)

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Receive inspection at the factory
(last modified: 10/4/2017)

Contact details

Entity in charge

Manufacturing Factory

Expected results

Appointment to Collect the Approval 01 - Appointment to Collect the Approval

Time frame

Waiting time until next step depends on the distance between the factory and the local VAT Office as the inspector has to travel back to the Office to issue the Approval. It usually takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Attention at counter: Min. 20mn - Max. 30mn

Legal justification

1. VAT Rules 1991
VAT Rules 1991
Chapters ter3, 27(2)

Additional information

Within 12 hours of submitting the application, an Inspector assigned by the Revenue Officer visits the factory to examine the consignment against submitted documents. The Inspector also checks whether each carton of products is numbered and has the seal "For Export" on it. After random sample based examination of the consignment, the Inspector puts the seal "Examined by the VAT Office" on each carton.

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Md. Masum-Ur RAHMAN, 07/09/2017
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